Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Minecraft with friends

Minecraft is an amazing game, that has unlimited possibilities, I'm going to share with you some of the projects that have been built on the Minecraft server me and my friends play on. 

First off the owner of the server built a Japanese city: 

And this is Lacus City, which was made by me and a few friends:

And some pixel art I did when I was bored:

And a krusty the clown pixel art made by one of the memebers:

Here is a temple somebody made:

And a light house: 

And here is a football stadium: 

More updates on projects in the future! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Terraria: An awesome game

Recently i have been playing a new game called Terraria, it is an awesome game,it is a game where you fight to survive and pick things up from the enemy's you have killed and then you can craft things out of the items.

And you have to chop down the tree's for wood and then make a house out of the wood so you don't get attacked all the time, when the sun goes down monsters come out to hunt you. So a house is ideal.

There are tons of things to craft in Terraria from basic iron tools, to epic molten armour which regenerates your mana, and yes you have mana! you can use it to fly, cast spells and use magic!
To craft most of the awesome things though, you need to work your way down into the earth, with a pickaxe, you can mine for miles downwards in the huge world the is randomly generated, you will find all different ores down there and lots of monsters, so be careful!

And when you think you are ready, you can summon massive bosses like the giant Eye of Cthulhu, but the best thing about the game is, its multi player feature, the game is so fun on multi player especially if you use a voice chat software like team speak.

Here is a demo of the game:

And here is the link to the website if you are interested in buying it:

Monday, 23 May 2011

Real Desktop - 3D Desktop enviroment

Today I found an awesome piece of software called: Real Desktop.

It transforms your basic, boring desktop into a awesome 3D room full of all your normal desktop icons, but you can move them around freely like they are on a piece of string. You can also put your icons into boxes which is pretty much a folder but it is 3D and you can see what is in it.

Another feature I found cool, is that the recycling bin is 3D and you literally pick up the thing you want to delete and drop it in the bin. And the football and basketball you can play around with.

You can also change the theme of your 3D desktop as you can see here:

There are loads of different themes and looks you can choose from, you can also play little games on your desktop like basketball, which looks really cool in the 3D room.

If you would like to find out more about this piece of software then visit: They have a trial version you can download and try and if you like it you can buy the full version which comes with even more cool things!